Getting creative with html5

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The current e-circular in the studio this morning is Google’s stunning experiment of ‘The Wilderness Downtown’. If you haven’t already – it’s well worth taking a few minutes to try this out for yourselves. Simply enter a postal address and watch your internet browser come to life. www.thewildernessdowntown.com


With a stunning composition, soundtrack and aesthetic… this experiment cleverly ties the present to our own past.

Thank you Google for an inspiring interactive intro to html5 – Now lets see what we can do with it!



Rokia’s Cushions!

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Last summer we had the pleasure of Rokia doing work experience here at Bold.

Rokia is a surface design student, currently studying at London college of communication and has been creating these brilliant cushions in her own time.


If you want to buy Rokia’s cushions you can contact her on 07856100835 and place your orders!!



Friday Inspirations

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Here are a couple of cool things that have been getting the guys at Bold interested this week!

21 seconds to Go…


Former Sosolid crew member Asher D (real name Ashley Walters) acts in slightly more than a music video
Here at Bold, our members our always getting inspiried, whether its other design work, social activity or even theatre! One of our newest designers, Kweku, fancies himself as a bit of a theatre head and works with young people in the Arts outside of Bold. He went to see a new play at The Royal Court Theatre called Off the Endz, starring former Sosolid Crew rapper Asher D. Keeping true to the urban theme (the Endz), and full of it’s fair share of suprises, this play has much to be enjoyed. It deals with black youth and stigmas attached with the stereotype.
Highly recommended, so Bold recommends.



“Noteput” is an interactive music table with tangible notes, that combines all three senses of hearing, sight and touch to make learning the classical notation of music for children and pupils more easy and interesting.

All basic clefs, note values and accidentals exist as single wood elements. Whole, half, quarter and eighth notes differ not only in their form, but also in their weight: Long note values are heavier than short ones.

Noteput – Interactive music table from Jonas Heuer on Vimeo.

Check out more about Noteput here: http://www.jonasheuer.de/

Sounds like a pretty wicked piece of design!!

N.B: We have been doing a bit of celebrity spotting as well, Tony saw Stephen Merchant and Becca saw ‘They guy from The Thick of it”!!



Bold Values – Decode: Digital Design Sensations

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Last Friday I organized a trip to the V & A for their Decode: Digital Design Sensations exhibition, for our Friday’s Value Session.

We are currently getting involved in more digital projects, looking at i-phone applications and things, and I thought it would be interesting to see if the exhibition could help us find out more about the possibilities of the digital world.

Decode: Digital Design Sensations showcases the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small, screen-based, graphics to large-scale interactive installations.

The exhibition features both existing works and new commissions created especially for the exhibition.

Decode is a collaboration between the V&A and onedotzero, a contemporary arts organisation operating internationally with a remit to promote innovation across all forms of moving image and interactive arts.

The exhibition explores three themes:


Code presents pieces that use computer code to create new works and looks at how code can be programmed to create constantly fluid and ever-changing works.

In this piece Aaron Koblin, an artist specializing in data visualisation, created an interactive version of House of Cards, on display in the exhibition, where the face would move in synchronicity with your hands.


Interactivity looks at works that are directly influenced by the viewer. Visitors will be invited to interact with and contribute to the development of the exhibits.

This was probably the funnest part of the exhibition with all sorts of different things to interact with,

The one above was one of my favourites, Daniel Rozin trained as an industrial and interactive designer. He creates interactive installations and sculptures that have the ability to change and respond to the presence of a viewer. Although computers are often used, they are seldom visible. Mirrors and the mediated perception of the self are central themes in his work.

This one was really interesting, when you walked past it the metal plates would rotate to create a shadow of where you were standing, and we tried to figure out how it worked, but are still not entirely sure!


For this one you had to create pools of light in a pile of black sand, and in those pools of light grew these wierd cell-like creatures, it was quite fascinating to watch.

It was created by Everyware, a creative computing group formed by Hyunwoo Bang (b. 1978, South Korea) and Yunsil Heo (b. 1979, South Korea).

We had a lot of fun with a video recording installation in this area too.


Ross Phillips is an interaction designer and Creative Technical Director at SHOWstudio, He created a screen with 20 different 3 second long videos playing that people at the exhibition recorded.

We did our own, with quite humorous results.

Network, was the final theme,


Network focuses on works that comment on and utilise the digital traces left behind by everyday communications and looks at how advanced technologies and the internet have enabled new types of social interaction and mediums of self-expression.

The above piece was created by Aaron Koblin, an artist specialising in data visualisation, and this piece demonstrated flight paths that were being tracked.

The Exhibition is on from: 8 December 2009–11 April 2010

Although the exhibition wasn’t huge, we still had a good time and I recommend you head down then and see for yourself!!

Click here for more information about the Exhibition….



Adobe Youth Voices- Body & Soul

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So Thursday night i presented the introduction to the Adobe Youth Voices project to the wonderfull young people at the Body & Soul Charaty. They where very warm and welcoming to what i had to say, even though i was a bumbling mess!

I told them about a project starting in the new year, where i will be teaching participants how to draw, how to create interesting characters and how to use Adobe photoshop as an aid to make your characters look amazing and finished to a professional standard.

The PressentationNick conceptsMe and WillThese are some of the slides of my work i showed to inspire the young people into signing up for the project. There was lots of interest and it seemed many young people wanted to learn how to draw characters and have some fun doing it.pic2After i presented the project we all took part in a workshop making masks for the christmas ball at Body&Soul. We where making the masks to be warn by the young people for there masquerade ball. It was great fun to take part in some crafts with the young people, it was all rather crazy and i regressed to my 8 year old state of mind. So i made a Optimus Prime mask and a Batman mask with fire for hair!!! This promply got taken a shine to by a girl there. She then covered it all in purple glitter!!! From Batman to BatQueen it was amazing.

A great experance and a successfull night, looking forward to getting started in the new year.





T-Mobile TXT UP latest

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Yesterday I finished adding sound FX and music to an animation Ben and me have been working on recently for T-Mobile. It’s a minute and a half short that joins others in the series of animations Bold have created for the online anti-bullying campaign “TXT UP”. It’s called “Molly’s Story” and we have tried to bring her story to life in a visually clean, abstract world of animation very loosely inspired by a bunch of illustrated posters we stumbled upon like “Jeremyville” mentioned a few posts back.

Here’s how it turned out:

still 2

still 1

still 3



Looking for amazing Illustrators and Artists !!

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Hay Everyone in Boldink land.

I am currently in the process of looking for some awesome talent to get involved in a new exciting project coming up. 

We are making a illustrated book telling the stories of 10 young peoples experiences with HIV. If you have what it takes to make beautiful images and tell an amazing story, you will be working along BAFTA winning designers and illustrators here at Bold Creative !

The graphic novel will contain stories illustrated in a wide range of styles taking influence from traditional western comic book art, to Manga, to experimental graphic novels, to a mixed media approach. Each illustration style will be as unique as the story that tell it.

Want to know more ?

Want to get involved?

Dont be shy, send a digital portfolio or some examples of your best work that shows off your unique style, and your C.V to me!


Im a tough critic so 







Teen Sexual Health Campaign

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Workshop Pic 03

Workshop Pic 02

We had a great workshop last night with a group of young people from BYM Youth Centre in Tower Hamlets. The guys had a lot to say about relationships, condoms and all things to do with sexual health. The general gist was it ain’t great to get your girl pregnant if you’re not ready – nappies really do stink!

We’re working with Johnny Lighthands to design two posters that will go up around Tower Hamlets this Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled for some cutting edge design on a bus stop near you soon.




Creative work experience placement at Bold Creative!

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We are looking for a creative, hardworking and enthusiastic person to join our team for a 2 month internship (expenses paid). This is a great opportunity for a college/uni student or recent graduate who is looking to gain experience in a thriving creative agency.

Main duties and responsibilities:

Managing and maintaining the Bold Ink website, Bold Creative’s dedicated youth site

- Updating the site with the most up-to-date news

- Gathering content for the blog

- Writing blog posts

- Social networking on Facebook and Twitter

General office duties/runner

- Assisting designers with creative work

- Administrative duties

- Runner

- Production assistant – assisting film producers on shoots

Person specification:

- Creative skills – general knowledge of design programmes (Photoshop, Illustrator) and editing programmes (Final Cut Pro and AfterEffects)

- Current or recent graduate on creative course at college or uni

- Good communication skills

- Willing and able to take initiative and contribute new ideas

If you feel that you would suit this role, please send your CV and a cover letter outlining why to Anouk@boldcreative.co.uk by 5pm Monday November 9th. Interviews will take place on Thursday November 19th. We look forward to hearing from you!

Join our facebook group and follow us on twitter to be the first to hear of exciting opportunities.



Invert your eyes with negative [ Space ]

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Illustrations by Noma Bar
Read more here



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